Kael Deparris  

Class: Race: Alignment: Deity:
Thug/Knight Half-Elf LN
Level: Size: Age: Gender:
2/4 Medium 26 Male
Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair:
6'0 175lb Green Black

STR 18 +4
DEX 15 +2
CON 18 +4
INT 14 +2
WSD 13 +1
CHA 16 +3
Hit Points
TOTAL wounds subdual
63 0 0
TOTAL dex other SPEED
2 2 0 30
Armor Class
FINAL = base + armor + shield + dex + magic + other spell failure armor check penalty
22 10 8 2 2 0 0 30% -3

Battle Scores
MELEE = base + str + magic + other
+10 6 4 0 0
RANGED = base + dex + magic + other
+6 6 2 0 -2
Saving Throws
TOTAL = base + stat + magic + other
FORT 7 3 4 0 0
REFL 3 1 2 0 0
WILL 5 4 1 0 0

Weapon Bonus Damage Critical Range Weight Size Type Special
Mercurial Longsword+1 +11/+6 1d10+5 20/x4 none 4lb Medium Slashing +1 enchament
Composite Longbow +7/+2 1d8+4 20/x3 110'ft 3lb Medium Piercing Masterwork, +4 mighty
Lance +11/+6 1d8+4 20/x3 none 10lb Medium Piercing Masterwork

Armor Type Bonus Penalty Max Dex % Failure Speed Weight Special
Mithral Full Plate Medium +8 -3 +3 25% 30 25lb Masterwork, Mithril, Spiked
Mithral Shield, Heavy Steel ?? +2 -0 ?? 5% ?? 7.5lb Masterwork, Mithril, Spiked

Feats & Special Abilities
Feat / Ability Description/Notes
Flaw: Power Attack Take penalty to hitting but gets extra damage whit damage roll. Max -5 penalty.
1lvl: EWP; Mercurial Longsword Gives profiency to Mercurial Longsword, non-profient penalty is -6 instead -4.
Flaw: Shaky hands Take -2 pen to whit all ranged attacks.
2lvl Thug: Cleave When blow would down a foe, the attacker can make extra attack to any foe whitting reach of melee weapon. Can make this attack only once per turn.
Knigth's Code Knight must follow certain virtous combat code always. If they break the code, they lose one Knight's Challenge use per day, if they do not have any knight's challenges left then they suffer -2 to all attacks, skill checks and saves until after 24 hours he restores his knight's challenge usage per day. Knight cannot get benefit from flank (but gives benefit to any ally). Knight cannot attack flat-footed target, knigth gives his foe a time to avoid become flat footed from knight's attack. Knight cannot do lethal damage to helpless target, subdual damag eis allowed to be doned to helpless foe.
Knight's Challenge 5/day (save DC 15 to all abilities which ask save)
Figthing Challenge+1 Knight can challenge single foe into a duel by swift action by expending a Knight's Challenge. The target msut ahve Int 5, have language of somesort, and ahve CR egual or greater than the knight's characther level -2. If foe qualifies to this, ten knigth gets +1 moral bonus to attack, damage and will save throws. If foe reduces knight to 0 HP the knight loses tow knight's challenges as blow to knight's ego. Knight gets benefit of this challenge for 5 round + Cha modifier. Knight cna use this ability more than once per encounter if he is able to do so.
Bonus feat: Mounted Combat Once per round when mount is under attack of a foe, you can do ride check to negate the attack. Placing your ride check as the AC what foe must pass to hit the horse.
Shield Block+1 Gets +1 greater shield bonus vs one target when using a shield.
Bulwark of Defense If foe starts it's turn in knight's threatened squares, the foe treats knight's threatened areas as difficult terrain.
3lvl: Combat Reflexes Characther haves Dex modifier + 1 AoO per round.
Armor Mastery (Medium) Medium category armors do not reduce knight's land movement .
Test of Mettle As swift action knight can spend knight's challenge to challenge foes to attack him. All foes must have Int 5 and language somesort. If foe does not qualify it is immune to this knight's challenge. Any foes affected msut make will save or they will focus all spells, attacks and charges towards the knight for 1 round. Foes do not go under a mad rage somesort so they would not charge on knight if movement doing so causes AoO nor they try run over a cliff or hazardous terrain etc. If knight is reduced to 0 HP from this attack, knight gains one extra use of knight's challenge. Reason for this is because knight had tested his or her mettle against foes overwhelming odds. This extra use must be used before next day, otherwise the extra use is wasted. Knight can only get once a extra usage per day by using this ability.
6lvl: Hold the Line Any foes who charge onto knight provoke AoO, AoO occurs before foe have rolled a attack roll for hit.
Immaculate Forms of the Master Gain following sexual tricks according Prowess ranks; 3 Ranks Prowess - Mating Bull May be activated as a free action. Allows character to apply their Str bonus instead of Cha when calculating their modifier for Prowess checks. This manoeuvre continues until the character Climaxes. 6 Ranks Prowess - Charging Ram May be activated as a free action. Allows character to increase the effective size of a phallus they are penetrating someone with by half a size category for the purposes of the Size Matters rules. When the character reaches 12 ranks of Prowess, the size may be increased in such a manner by a whole size category. This manoeuvre continues until the character Climaxes. 9 Ranks Prowess - Gulping Heron May be activated before making a Prowess check. A character being penetrated may make a number of additional Prowess checks (Penetrative or Exotic proficiencies as appropriate) equal to their Str modifier, taking the highest result. This manoeuvre is instantaneous. 12 Ranks Prowess - Squeezing Boa May be activated when a successful grapple check is made. Allows character to put foe into a special pin in which they may make a Prowess check each extended round against foe, but take no other action. The character may roll a Prowess check instead of a grapple check to resist attempts to escape, but this check does not impose any Arousal or Horniness. This manoeuvre lasts until the pin is released. 15 Ranks Prowess - Stinging Cobra May be activated before making a Prowess check. Should the Prowess check succeed, the partner must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + Str mod + 1/2 character’s Hit Dice). If they fail, they are stunned for one round. After one round, they must make another save or be stunned for nine rounds.

Skill Name Ability Skill Mod = Ability Mod + Ranks + Other
Climb Str +2 +4 1 -3
Handle Animal Cha +4 +2 2
Jump Str +2 +4 1 -3
Intimidate Cha +10 +2 6 +2
Knowlegde: Royalty&Nobility Int +7 +2 5
Ride Dex +5 +2 3
Swim Str +0 +4 2 -6
Bluff Cha +8 +3 5
Sleight of Hand Dex +4 +2 5 -3
Gather Information Cha +10 +3 5 +2
Diplomacy Cha +10 +3 1cc +6
Prowess Cha +12 +3 9

Spell List
No Spells Assigned.

Gear Location Weight Description/Special
Backpack Carry 2lb
Money pouch In belt 1lb Pouch haves 6 gold while rest are hidden severall smaller pouches around clothes (and both pairs of shoes). (total gold 10gp)
Lattern (bull's eye) + 10 oils backpack 13lb Provides 60'ft cone bright illumination and 120'ft cone shadowy illumination.
Signet Ring In left hand finger ?? The ring of his knight order.
150'ft Silk rope + grap. hook backpack 19lb
Manacles backpack 2lb
Flint and Steel backpack ??
Shovel backpack 8lb
Waterskin + rations backpack 6lb Water and rations for two days.
Heavy warhorse ?? 400lb A trained heavy warhorse. Kael calls it 'Thunder'.
Riding gear horse wears them 10lb Military saddle, saddlebags, bit and bridle
Potions In potion belt 1lb Flame arrows, 2xCure Moderate Wounds
Quiver w/40 arrows In back 6lb 20 cold iron arrows, 20 silver arrows.

No Treasure Assigned.

Current Next Level
15,000 21,000

Kael Deparris is six feet tall sturdy builded half-elf warrior. His black hair is shortly cutted (mere one inch) and haves less than inch long beard and fine long eye brows decorate his deep blue eyes. Thanks his hair cut his lightly pointed ears are visible to see when he does not wear helm and his face is fine and comely looking in handsome way. Kael haves alot scars in everywhere in his body, in all ten years and all in different healing and aging states.

Kael's gear is fine. He wears a helm whit draconic wings in both sides of it and haves vizor which covers his eyes and nose but not his mouth and jaw is free (somesort half-mask helm). His armor is plain but it is well made and it can be seen by quality in leather straps and shape of the armor which restricts less movement than normal full plate and also it si crafted from mithril. Only decoration is that in shoulders and gauntlets there are serrated edges and pented so that they look like dragonic claws. Same is his shield which is like metalic dragonic wing and it is made from thick mithril whit good handle and also ahves claw alike spikes in it's surface. His sword is big, it is long like a bastard sword but blade is wider. The tip of the blade is arrow shaped and double edged and crossguard of the sword looks like two scaley fingers which in tip are short sharp looking claws but otherwise handle is covered in black leather and pommel is egg shaped. His longbow is made from dark sturdy wood and he carries a dark leather quiverfull of arrows.

Kael Deparris is classic image of knight; Loyal, diciplined, honorable and strictly following commands of his lord or his ideals and is determined. But unlike many knights he haves a roguish streak and charming personality and he is not fobbish like most knights are. Most of this becoems as life of a street urching and skilled pit and street fighter. Kael is not afraid using a dirty trick in combat despite he breaks knight's code doing so but he hesitantly does so and he does it only if situation is despearate and enemies are also doing alot dirty tricks. He knows what life of street is and so he haves wider world view and deeper understanding to common folk.

Kael Deparris was once a normal oprhaned (abadonned) street thug, unlike the most fo their kind he focused avoid join gangs and focused to keep 'watch' on his home turf and watch the folk in his street is lefted alone. Many thugs challenged his authority but thanks his immense stamina and strenght and knowing how use a exotic longsword (which usage he learend from pit fighter mentor who heritaged the sword to him when he retired) many did not leave a match whit him whitout a scar and sometimes mere words were enough scare the bastards away.

Kael then once rescued a elderly human knight from group of thugs by making a appearance and the knigth was so deeply gratefull he taked under his wing as a squire after many days trying convince Kael leave the life of crime and underworld behind him in return that a small squadron of knights are placed in his home area.

Kael embraced the idealism of the knighthood over time and observing his mentor and soon Kael was released from squire status into a full knight and he started follow path of law. He still haves many of his old quirks and sometimes his thug heritage shows and shocks his knight comrades but none can say there is no other so fast mouthed and skilled combatant in their ranks whit such devotion like he haves.